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May 14 2014


Is ?voga? The Campest Workout Ever? - Telegraph

Madonna brought vogueing to the mainstream in 1990 Theo Merz signs up to a session of voga Shin Ohtake review - a combination of vogueing and yoga - to experience the latest exercise trend not quite sweeping the country Madonna brought vogueing to the mainstream in 1990 Comments Maybe view it was the novelty. Maybe it sounded so ridiculous it had to be experienced first-hand. Maybe the impending Eurovision Song Contest was acting as a call to do something really camp. Whatever the reason, signing up to a session of voga - a workout which combines vogueing with yoga - seemed like a good idea at the time. For the uninitiated, vogueing is a stylised danceform which came out of the New York ballroom scene of the 1980s. Involving angular arm Shin Ohtake review movements around the face, it was largely practised by gay latino and black men but brought to the mainstream in 1990 by Madonna, with the song Vogue . When combined with yoga it creates, according to the voga website, a workout to leave you feeling empowered, strong, confident and aligned. Feeling none of those things at 10 on a Saturday morning, a friend and I arrived at a gallery and events space in east London for one of the three weekly sessions of voga the capital is currently enjoying.
More http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/10827389/Is-voga-the-campest-workout-ever.html

March 26 2014


Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

From minimally-invasive Gastric Bypass, LapBand or Gastric image source Sleeve surgeries to consultations with nutritional therapists, therapist-led support groups and even monthly walks in the park with physicians, Khalili Centeroffers a truly multi-disciplinary approach to discovering the new you. Led by Dr. Theodore Khalili, Dr. Eraj Basseri and Dr. G. Kai Nishi (recently recognized as the Top Bariatrician in the Nation by HealthTap), Khalili surgeons have successfully performed over 5,000 weight loss surgery procedures to date. In addition to having the top medical minds in the weight loss max workouts field and a comprehensive support staff all under one roof, Khalili Centeralso utilizes today's most state-of-the-art equipment, allowing their surgeons to perform minimally-invasive surgeries. Thanks to the da Vinci System -- a sophisticated robotic surgical platform that provides surgeons enhanced dexterity and greater precision -- the Khalili team are able to offer shorter, more comfortable surgeries that require less recovery time and result in less scarring.
Read more: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Start-Your-Weight-Loss-Journey-Today-251015621.html?akmobile=o

February 17 2014


Vietnam Deploys Ballroom Dancers, Aerobics Class To Foil Anti-china Protesters

(Associated Press) Anti-China protestors and citizen journalists gather max workouts around an activist making a speech in the Vietnamese capital Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014. The protestors were marking the 35th anniversary of a Max Workouts review border war... (Associated Press) ADVERTISEMENT Prev Prev| Next Next Slideshow The demonstrators suspect the government deployed the dancers as a way to stop them from getting close to the statue and make their speeches inaudible. The few who tried to get close to the statue of Ly Thai To, the founder of Hanoi and a nationalist icon, were shooed away. The protesters were marking the 35th anniversary of a bloody border war between China and Vietnam, where anger over Beijing's increasingly assertive territorial claims on islands in the South China Sea that Hanoi insists belong to it is already running high. Relations with China, Vietnam's ideological ally and major trading partner, are a highly sensitive domestic political issue for Hanoi's rulers. They don't want anger on the street against China to spread to other areas of its repressive rule.
More http://www.newser.com/article/3a4bb0080dca4493be22547333f94206/vietnam-deploys-ballroom-dancers-aerobics-class-to-foil-anti-china-protesters.html

January 31 2014


Talking Tech: Those 7 Minute Workout Apps

There are many of them, including The 7 Minute Workout, 7 Minute Workout Challenge, The 7 Minute Workout with High Intensity Interval Challenge and the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. Take a look at the featured apps these days on iTunes, Google Play or the Windows Phone app store and you'll notice several offerings for 7 Minute apps. (It is "New Year, visit New You" http://sugimotoweblog.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292170&from=22 time, after all.) REVIEW: Calorie counter apps MyFitnessPal vs LoseIt Experts do say the most effective workouts are those 30 minutes or more in length. But if you're crunched for time like I was in the hotel room and these apps can get you up to high intensity before starting the day, I say great. For these apps, all you need to get started is a wall, a chair and some floor space. Most of them have 12 classic exercises to perform along with some optional extras. The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout (iOS, Android), for instance, includes jumping jacks, crunches, squats, lunges and push-ups. It also stretches the seven minutes by offering an optional three-minute warm-up and three-minute cool-down with stretching exercises. (Hence, my 13 minutes with the app.) The app offers visual clues for how to fitness do the exercise, plus an announcer who takes the place of a trainer, to cue you and keep you in shape.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/talkingtech/2014/01/25/talking-tech-workout-apps/4670269/

January 22 2014


Woodson: Right Now Beno A Knick

-- New York Knicks blog url coach Mike Woodson would not address whether point guard Beno Udrih requested a trade, as first reported by ESPNNewYork.com. "Right now Beno is wearing a Knicks uniform. And as long as he's in a Knicks uniform, I expect him to be professional about his approach," Woodson said. "I expect him to work his butt off when he's here in practice. And when he gets an opportunity to front page play, I expect him to play hard and to help us try to win games. That's his job." [+] Enlarge AP Photo/Frank Franklin II Mike Woodson expects Beno Udrih to leave it all on the court despite the guard's desire to depart N.Y. see here League sources told ESPNNewYork.com's Ian Begley that the veteran recently told the Knicks he wishes to be traded, and the Knicks are trying to accommodate him. Udrih signed a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum of $1.27 million in the offseason but has struggled to stay in the rotation.
Source: http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/knicks/post/_/id/52785/woodson-right-now-beno-a-knick

January 12 2014


Reuters U.s. Sports Schedule At 2 Pm Edt On Friday, Jan. 10

Masters champion Adam Scott sits four strokes off the pace. (GOLF-PGA/, expect end-of-day lead by 0600 GMT/1 AM ET, 400 words) - - Albatross ensures Luiten flies into joint lead in Durban DURBAN - Dutchman Joost Luiten hits the first albatross of the European Tour season to take a muscle building share of a three-way lead after the second round of the Volvo Golf Champions tournament. (GOLF-EUROPEAN/, moved, 350 words) - - - - The Sports Xchange covers all NHL games. Key matchups highlighted below - - Stars at Rangers NEW YORK - Dallas was heating up, closing December with a 5-0-2 run including a win over the Los Angeles Kings , but skids into Madison Square Garden with four consecutive losses. (HKN-RANGERS-STARS-FIRSTLEDE/WRITETHRU (PIX), expect ASAP after the 0000 GMT/7 PM ET game, The Sports Xchange, 400-word first lede, 700-word writethru) - - Blues at Canucks VANCOUVER - St. Louis is on a 9-0-1 run and juts to Rogers Arena for the finale of a three-game stroll through Western Canada. (HKN-CANUCKS-BLUES-FIRSTLEDE/WRITETHRU (PIX), expect ASAP after the 0300 GMT/10 PM ET game, The Sports Xchange, 400-word first lede, 700-word writethru) - - NHL Wrap: Crosby's Penguins look to extend East lead Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins look to pad their lead atop the Eastern Conference with a fourth consecutive victory when they visit the Edmonton Oilers in one of six games on the NHL ice. (NHL-HIGHLIGHTS/ (PIX), expect by 0430 GMT/11:30 PM ET, by The Sports Xchange, 500 words) - - - - SOCCER World Cup fans may soon see relief from pricey airfare SAO PAULO/BRASILIA - Soccer fans daunted by rising airfares in Brazil during this year's World Cup would be smart to steel visit this page their nerves just a little longer.
More: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/reuters-u-sports-schedule-2-pm-edt-friday-190016123--spt.html?.tsrc=samsungwn

January 11 2014


Richard Blais: 5 Easy Food Swaps To Kickstart Weight Loss

download "I also was trying to court my wife at the time, but these things came together so I tried to get the girl. I had to run after her, literally, and then cook for her, of course, and that helped me kickstart my journey." To help others kickstart their weight loss journeys, Blais points to some simple food swaps that can make the all the difference. "Eat fresh food, cook at home, ask questions at restaurants and then if you are cooking at home, look at recipes. Theres always something that can be swapped," said Blais. 1) Swap mayonnaise with hummus or yogurt Rather than slathering that turkey sandwich with fattening mayonnaise, Blais suggests using low-fat hummus instead. "That's really great for you, getting chickpeas in your diet instead of the oil and the [link] fat," said Blais. Yogurt can also be substituted for mayo in recipes.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/01/10/richard-blais-5-easy-food-swaps-to-kick-start-weight-loss/

January 08 2014


Watching Out For Personal Trainer Scams

There's a big difference between qualified professionals and imposters. Lyons says people need to know the difference. "It's really not fair for the client, because for every one good trainer who produces solid, undeniable results, you might have 10 people who went online and got a certification," said Lyons. If you are looking for a http://www.newsaboutbankingindustry.com/6022-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_nbi.html personal trainer to help you meet your New Year's goals, here is what you should pay attention to: "Client testimony and results to show what they visit website are worth, that's important," said Lyons. "We like when people ask us questions; it gives us a chance to really showcase the difference between a good, solid training system and structure that differs from just the average run-of-the-mill 'we will bargain with you just to get a client'." So ask questions, do your homework on a trainer, because after all, they are working for you. "It's the only way to delve deeper into what a person needs, wants and experiences," said Lyons.
Full story http://www.abc27.com/story/24387894/watching-out-for-personal-trainer-scams

January 02 2014


No Beer, Baked Goods Or Depressing Books And Mandatory 6am Workouts: Former Lululemon Worker On How The Yoga-wear Chain Is Like A Cult

Corporate culture: Lululemon At first, Mary Mann writes that she was tempted by the fact that the company offered to pay for exercise classes including yoga, spinning and kickboxing - and the employee camaraderie. 'At Lululemon, salesgirls are called educators and customers are called guests, a touch of class that helps to justify both the $100 yoga pants and the hours of life spent selling them,' Ms Mann writes on Salon.com . In addition to the free yoga classes, the brand is known for using local 'ambassadors' who 'embody the Lululemon lifestyle' to broaden its following. Ms Mann initially bonded with her co-educators over gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free cookies. She hit her first stumbling block after being asked to write a goal sheet listing her life plans for the next 10 years. Her aspiration was actually to get an office job. Max workout review But she began to believe that she owed the company that had invested so much time into her training. Ms Mann's first few weeks passed in a daze of constant workouts - including spin classes, night yoga and Saturday morning run clubs in the park. Indeed, she soon learned that exercise was 'basically mandatory'. She writes: 'If you skipped a day it was obvious and people asked if you were feeling OK.' To fit in with her athletic co-workers, Ms Mann also began avoiding her favorite vices such as baked goods, beer and the Russian literature that one Lululemoner called 'a downer'. At a mandatory meeting, another colleague discussed her experience with Landmark, a $600 self-help seminar that any Lululemon employee was invited to attend for free after six months of work. Ms Mann's fellow educator explained how Landmark taught her that 'everything is a story' and that if she wanted to be happy, she simply had to change her story.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2532263/No-beer-baked-goods-depressing-books-mandatory-6am-workouts-Former-Lululemon-worker-yoga-wear-chain-like-cult.html

December 03 2013


Late Fitness Check - Week 14

Vincent Kompany may make his return but his preferred partner, Matija Nastasic, will be out so with a rusty Kompany and (presumably) Demichelis at the back a clean sheet is a big ask. Follow the RotoWorld_PL team on Twitter: Galin | Jeremy | Neal | Nik | Steve workout program Arsenal v Hull City - No new injuries for either Arsenal or Hull since the weekend so the questions are mostly about rotation. Hull probably can't afford to make too many changes to a team that did so well against Liverpool. On the Arsenal side, it seems likely that Theo Walcott and Mathieu Flamini will get starts after coming in as substitutes against Cardiff. As for the players likely to get a rest, I'd guess at Arteta and Cazorla with an outside chance that Ozil gets a break in deference to the need for some rest ahead of tougher matches at Everton next weekend and at Napoli on the 11th. There's a chance that Giroud gets a rest for the same reason with Arsenal playing Arteta and Flamini together at the base of midfield and three of Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, and Rosicky with Walcott as the lone forward. workout Manchester United v Everton - A fascinating match-up on so many levels with Everton in fine form and United struggling.
Full story: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/fitness-check-week-14-223200251--spt.html

November 20 2013


Chitrangda Singh Dazzles Delhiites With Her Fitness

This four-week-long campaign aims at promoting fitness, and will culminate with the announcement of visite site a fourth 'buddy' for Chitrangda. The campaign will not only have PUMA merchandise up for grabs on the site, but will also have other exciting activities to participate in. Jabong.com is the largest online sports shop and has over one lakh products live on the website. The chain of events will begin on www.jabong.com/gearupbuddy/ with three different fitness regimes - running, zumba and cross fit. The activities will be performed by Chitrangda and her three fitness buddies - Nupur, Sucheta Pal and Shayamal. These rigorous regimes are described in detail through more info videos posted on the page, and participants will get points by shopping for the merchandise, sharing details with friends and family, uploading their workout videos, etc.
Full story: read here http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/events/delhi/Chitrangda-Singh-Jabong-com-PUMA-India/articleshow/26044176.cms

November 17 2013


Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts

We were actually wondering how to get about to writing about Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts. However once we started writing, the words just seemed to flow continuously! Get The Workouts - Kettlebell Workouts For Fat Loss | max workout Fat ... Too busy for the gym? Frustrated with your lack of fat loss progress? Sick of cardio machines? Ready to try a revolutionary way to lose fat?
Full story: http://www.ign.com/blogs/mettounoje/2013/11/13/kettlebell-fat-loss-workouts

November 09 2013


Smile For Mommy! Kim Kardashian Dotes On Her Baby Girl North During Family Getaway With Fiancé Kanye West

So cosy: Kim cradled her baby to her shoulder while North appeared to gnaw on her mom North sported tufts of black hair on her head and was warmly clad in a beige sweater and white onesie. Once North's crankiness had subsided, Kim offered her a little giraffe toy, which seemed to do the trick. Snuggles: Kim gave North's chubby cheek a big kiss So cosy: Kim cradled her baby to her shoulder while North appeared to gnaw on her mom's robe All the pretty flowers: Little North seemed fascinated by the flowering Mexican sagebrush plants Kim was perfectly content while looking slightly rumpled in a thick beige coat and with her blonde-streaked hair spilling across her shoulders. On Thursday, Kim also revealed her little North as she enjoyed a relaxing lunch with Kanye, 36. On that occasion, the new mother held her daughter close while looking sporty in an athletic track suit and wearing minimal make-up.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2494251/Kim-Kardashian-dotes-baby-girl-North-family-getaway-fianc-Kanye-West.html

Kim Kardashian Talks 'Illuminati' Rumors

The dress featured a round neck, sleeves and scalloped edges that fell just below the knee. Kardashian completed the look with pair of black ankle strap heels which were finished with chunky gold hardware. The new mom sported her signature bronze glow and added a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Kardashians newly blonde hair was worn down with a deep side part and voluminous waves that cascaded neatly over one shoulder.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/kim-kardashian-fall-2013-white-trend

Kim Kardashian

October 27 2013


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